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magnetic formwork system

Manufacture a range of scaffolding and formwork systems. Products include tube and fittings, wallform and hardware, props, and shuttering. India. MAINI Construction Equipments Pvt. Ltd. has established itself as a leading organization in the fields of Scaffolding and Formwork system in India and has started to extend its wings throughout the world. By keeping pace with time, MAINI Construction Equipments Pvt. Ltd. has complete INHOUSE range of modern machinery, tools and tackles for manufacturing both conventional and modern system of Scaffolding and Formwork.
Country: India

Square Circle Formwork is a brand made by Shandong Fangyuan Building Materials Co.,Ltd (subsidiary to Pengcheng Group), which located in Linyi City, Shandong Province, the north of China. We specialize in developing and manufacturing innovative products for concrete forming, such as PP plastic plywood, circular column formwork, column formwork, and special formwork.
Country: China

Manufacture of concrete forms and formwork. Concrete forms and formwork manufacturer, Wall-Ties & Forms, designer of concrete forms, formwork systems and concrete form accessories, concrete foundations, and precast applications.
Country: United States

Awesotech Magnetics, established in 2006, is a China based neodymium magnets manufacturer and exporter supplying of all kinds of magnetic solutions and technology, especially for varieties of shuttering magnets in precast concrete construction industry, like SPB Standard PC Magnetic Box, Magfly AP magnet with side handle, Loaf Magnets as Euro RTM type, Magnetic Bar adapting in U-shaped transversal and longitudinal shutterings, all sizes of shuttering magnets for shutter system, no matter steel or wooden platform.
Country: China

Manufacturer and supplier of high power magnetic separators for the mining and aggregate industries. IPES International Inc Offers Magnetic Separators, Retrieving Magnets, Lifting Magnets, Magnetic Sweepers, Industrial Magnets, Conveyor Magnets And Much More. Contact Us For All Your Magnet Needs.
Country: United States

We sell scaffoldings, props (adjustable props) and formwork - walk through frame scaffoldings, mobile scaffolding towers with wheels, adjustable props for formwork, H20 beams - Doka, with LVL or 3ply web - formwork accessories, steel formwork, shuttering panels with 3ply and film faced plywood as formwork panel- for construction works. We provide good quality products for all construction formwork and scaffolding works, as well as equipment like concrete pump, forklift or concrete mixers. We supply from stock shuttering panel, formwork H20beams, tripod, U-Heads for props, adjustable props - hot dip galvanized and painted, scaffolding. We assist you in choosing the best way to make your construction projects an entire success, to comply with your schedule and to save cost for labour and equipment. Take a look and choose from our products scaffolding and accessories: brackets, couplings, screw jacks, coupling pins, ladders, props, tripods, U-Heads, H20 beams, shuttering panel and film faced plywood for shuttering, steel formwork new or second-hand from Peri, Doka, Hunnebeck, for decks, columns or walls, accessories for formwork.
Country: Romania

Manufacturer of fluorescent lamps, system lighting, electronic ballast, and magnetic transformers for home and office.
Country: China

Antong Machinery Co Ltd (Nantong) as a 100% Subsidiaries factory of Nantong New Internetional Trading Co., LTD., which has over 20 year history in building material and machinery for import and export since 1993. The major products are Building Material such as Post-tension System,Scaffolding products, Formwork Accessories, Props, Base Jack, FRP Rock bolt, Lifting system for Precasting Concrete and so on; And construchtion Machinery like as Vibrator, Plate compactor, Powel Trowel and so on. Our factory has enjoyed good reputation both in domestic and outside market with high quality products.
Country: China

Plank and scaffold manufacturer and custom fabricator. Features product data and safety brochure in Microsoft Word format. TAblA is a unique panel shoring system engineered to erect flat slab concrete formwork safer, easier, faster, and more cost-effectively than any other system in the world. No other supplier in its category rivals TAblA’s production speeds and ability to drive business profitability. Whether shoring around columns, building edges, elevator shafts or other interruptions, TAblA is always safe, easy and efficient. Working from the floor below using few parts that are both modular and integrated distinguishes TAblA from other available technologies in the international market place.
Country: United States

Fe Powertools is the specialist for magnetic drilling machines, hole cutters, annular cutters and all needed accessories. We have a wide range of magnetic drilling machines and annular cutters, which are produced in Germany. The factory who manufactures for us has more than 25 years experience in this field. We can assure you: “Top quality European products” against very attractive prices and of course the best support and service.
Country: Netherlands

Design, manufacture and supply standard and purpose-made scaffolding, formwork and shoring. Includes online brochure with specifications, and related links. Form-Scaff is a leading supplier of formwork and scaffolding to the construction and civil engineering industries. A born and bred South African company, Form-Scaff not only manufactures, hires and sells world-class products, but also provides the design skills, technical advice and support that comes with having over forty years local experience and more than twenty branches nationwide.
Country: South Africa

Variant Factory Ltd is a part of a production corporation consisting of five enterprises involved in metal working (blanking, rolling, cutting etc.) and in manufacturing of metal working machinery. The enterprise makes every effort to produce goods and to render services of the quality consistent with the customers' expectations. The customers’ service level is increased due to the permanent investment process oriented to the production plant modernization, diversification, manufactured products quality control, and our specialists’ skills improvement. The result of these efforts is trust of hundreds of customers among which there are many well-known construction and mounting organizations,production enterprises and sales companies from Ukraine and other countries. Currently «Variant» Factory Ltd offers the following formwork systems for monolithic building: - wall formwork systems - slab formwork systems - systems for special tasks solution The quality of the products is guaranteed by high professional skills of the manufacturer, use of high quality import and domestic materials as well as the state-of-art production technologies. All products meet the national standards and construction normative and technical documents.
Country: Ukraine

In Australia, as in many other parts of the world there is a growing emphasis on environmental sustainability, immediacy and minimizing energy consumption. These are all values that we wanted to incorporate in an innovative construction system using energy efficient materials and having broad market appeal. Formcraft was established to further advance these principles. Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF) has been used in Europe and North America for many years and has proved to be an extremely solid, cost-effective and fast-track method of construction. Formcraft has invested in cutting edge manufacturing and design technology to make Formcraft ICF the leading product of its type in Australia. Products are manufactured in our Kewdale facility in Western Australia. A variety of structures from retaining walls and residential houses to mining camps and multi-unit developments are increasingly being built using these methods. The Formcraft wall system uses high density Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) panels as a form to accept steel reinforced concrete. Once the concrete hardens, you have a wall system that outperforms traditional construction methods. Formcraft also offers a number of complementary construction systems including:- FormDeck – insulated suspended slab systems and FormTilt – insulated tilt panels for commercial construction.
Country: Australia

Thermacell is proudly Australia's Original & Best Insulated Concrete Formwork System (commonly known as ICF) born over 25 years ago from German ideas and engineering. Thermacell is proudly German Engineered - Australian Innovated For over 55 years in Europe and 25 years in Australia ICF's have helped many 1,000's people enjoy lower building costs and major energy savings for LIFE of their new eco friendly-energy saving "comfort home", all while helping the environment!
Country: Australia

Providing reusable sheet metal concrete formwork systems.
Country: Australia

Building material supplier, supply and design of formwork and scaffolding systems, and various types of steel fabrication.
Country: Malaysia

Produce scaffolding and formwork equipment for the construction and road construction market. Features product catalog in pdf format, international partners, and company news. Pilosio Scaffolding, Formwork, Retaining, Slabs, Platforms are built to be adapted to any type of worksite, thanks to the modularity of the elements, its easy assembly and handling and the strength of materials. Pilosio is a prestigious brand name which few other companies can claim to match. Established in 1961, Pilosio has continued to represent both quality and innovation in production. We are now the brand leader in the construction industry. Pilosio is a solid company which is now expanding into various international markets such as in Spain, various Mediterranean countries, the United States of America, Canada, Russia, South America, Australia and South Africa.
Country: Italy

Providing design, consulting, leasing, and production services related to construction formwork and scaffolding systems.
Country: China

Al kind of scaffold ,Cuplock, fram scaffold, formwork , ring lock. We have by the help and favor of Allah Almighty been able to stand abreast with the giant architectural institution through an engineering, technical and professional team of highly trained personnel. We could thereby contribute to the construction of many buildings and residential as well as government and private commercial complexes. To cope with the modern development in the field of building and architecture, we have established a factory for scaffolds and metal accessories in Riyadh city for the production of all types of metallic scaffolds according to international specifications (SGB), using SABIC Iron, which also produces cup-lock, special scaffolds for heavy constructions such as bridge and via ducts- framework system, and pull-push props.
Country: Saudi Arabia